Kilanova Hoops
Kilanova Hoops
Kilanova Hoops
Kilanova Hoops

Kilanova Hoops

Regular price 250 EUR

Handcrafted chunky earhoops in fine 925 silver.The unique sculptural shape with melted gold texture makes these pieces stand out and shine wherever you go.

This design is inspired by the Kilonova, a cosmic explosion of neutron stars .
The 2017 observation offered evidence for the theory that such massive explosions in space are responsible for creating large amounts of heavy elements. All of the gold and platinum found on Earth was likely created by ancient kilonovas that resulted from neutron star collisions.

Our jewellery is carefully crafted with raw materials made to last. Over time, precious jewellery will naturally tarnish and look dull if not cared for properly. We advise you to follow these recommendations:

Avoid contact with perfume, lotion, hairspray, soap, salt, chlorine or any other fluids and chemicals. Take off your jewellery when washing hands, bathing, doing household tasks, sleeping, tanning, going to the beach or doing sports.

Clean your jewellery softly in warm water and let it dry well. Or even better just gently wipe with a soft jewellery cloth.

Store and protect your jewellery when not in use in an air-tight bag or jewellery box. Keep it away from sunlight and humid spaces like the bathroom.

All orders are carefully packed, and shipped with DHL Express Go Green. Tracking info will be sent to your email and/or phone. We normally ship your order in 1–2 days, and DHL delivers in 1–3 days.


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