Frequently Asked Questions


Bespoke by bjorg is our made-to-order jewellery, designed specifically for you. 

Is Bjorg personally involved in the process?
Yes, Bjorg is always part of the process. Bjorg’s biggest passion is to create one of a kind jewellery. Bjorg focuses on your vision, while using her own expertise to create your dream jewel.  

How involved am I in the design process? 
Every project is different and the design process is individually tailored for everyone depending on complexity and budget. Your opinion and ideas matter the most and your involvement is essential.

Can I recycle old jewellery? 
Yes, we love to recycle! Whether it’s old metal from an inherited ring, or a specific stone we will help you reconstruct or reuse whatever you have. 

I don’t know the ring size of my future fiance? 
Knowing the ring size of your future fiance is essential from the beginning. It determines how much metal we need to use, and may also have an effect on the budget. 

One sneaky way to find out is to borrow a ring from your partner that fits them. Bring it to your local goldsmith and have them do an accurate measurement of the ring. 

What if the size is wrong?
We always ask for an exact measurement of your size from the early stages. You can easily have a measurement made at your local goldsmiths. 

The ring is meant to be a costume made for you, and in this case we will regulate it. Depending on complexity and time-pressure we recommended that you place the order as early as possible.

What is the difference between customized and one of a kind?
Our customized items are existing exclusive designs that can be costumed to you. 

Our one of a kind pieces are made from scratch with only you in mind. 

What is your starting price? 
The price will fluctuate depending on numerous factors such as, metal, karat, number of stone, type of stone, size of ring and complexity of design. Our starting price for our customized silver rings is 500EUR.  

How long does it take?

Normally, we request 3-6 weeks.  

Metals (overview of options, colours and platings)

We do not limit ourselves creatively by keeping a rigid selection. 

Solid gold 


Silver-based/Gold plating


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