Forest of Lanterns
Forest of Lanterns
Forest of Lanterns

Forest of Lanterns

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Cool and simple claw set ear studs handcrafted in fine 925 Sterling silver with natural rough Demantoids.

One of the rarest and most valuable varieties of the garnet family, Demantoid garnet is a green gemstone known for its fire, brilliance, and vivid green color. Garnet was supposed to have strong curative powers. In powder, it was used as a poultice to relieve fever. As an amulet, garnet was favored by travelers. For it was said to protect and preserve health and honor, cure the wearer of all diseases, as well as guard against all the perils of a journey.

Please note that every stone is unique and hand-selected. A slight variation in shape, color, and size will occur

Available with 8 different stones. 

Our jewellery is carefully crafted with raw materials made to last. Over time, precious jewellery will naturally tarnish and look dull if not cared for properly. To maintain the original gloss and avoid damages there are a few general things to be cautious about:

Avoid contact with perfume, lotion, hairspray, water, salt, sun, chlorine or any other fluids and chemicals.

Take off your jewellery when washing hands, bathing, doing household tasks, sleeping, tanning, going to the beach or doing sports.

Clean your jewellery softly in warm water and let it dry well. Or even better just gently wipe with a soft jewellery cloth.

Store and protect your jewellery when not in use in an airtight bag or jewellery box. Keep it away from sunlight and humid spaces like the bathroom.

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