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WHITE – A new take on the classic white pearl , charmed with gemstone faces and sculptural abstracted body parts.
NUDE ALPHABET – Abstracted nude body pendants shaped as letters from the alphabet.
BLUE – Organic and sensual shapes inspired by human form in art.

ANATOMICAL HEART – true love tokens based on the natural shape of the human heart.
DORA MAAR COLLECTION Inspired by the artist Dora Maar better known as Picasso`s dark haired muse.
POETIC – Personal collection with hidden engraving and poetic messages

THE WAVES – Handcrafted silver sheets shaped and sculpted to resemble the beauty of patterns in nature.
ALCHEMY OF DREAMS – Inspired by alchemy and transformation, the fine metals are shaped and textured like minerals and galactic meteorites.
PHASES OF THE MOON – A true avant-garde and graphic collection where textured metals meet natural horse hair and lava sand.

THE SHAKERS A Colourful and timeless collection of precious stones made to bring good karma and eternal life.
AFTER EDEN – Inspired by anatomy and the power of the human spine the collection is crafted as sculptural statements and collectible pieces
THE HERKIMERS – Inspired by the natural beauty of the Herkimer crystal diamond.

SIGNET RINGS – Forever classic unisex rings with a perfect imperfect texture. Handcrafted in solid silver with 18 carat gold platings.
A selection of timeless signature pieces inspired by nature and charmed with cut champagne diamond slices.
BJARNE MELGAARD + BJØRG – A fine Jewellery collaboration and wearable art pieces.

BETWEEN THE LINES – Curved and crafted silver ribbons and strings shaped into elegant earpieces.


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