Ciel Necklace

Colorful and mesmerizing apetite (2 cts) miniature shaker with hidden love inside. The handcrafted shaker necklace has a secret poetic text (Ciel) element adorned with a bezel set gem stone on the side of the chain. The signature BJØRG anatomic ( human) heart rests inside the gem chamber protected by sapphire glass, symbolising true eternal love. The ultimate modern talisman and lucky charm.

Handcrafted in 925 silver with 18 cts rosegold plating. 2 carat apetites. Rosegold anatomic heart inside sapphire glass shaker.

Take special care! To avoid harming your shaker jewellery you should avoid water, heavy moisture, lotions and similar.

Text: "ciel"
Adjustable Length:
45 / 50 / 55 cm



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50 EUR 276 EUR