The Surrealist artist Dora Maar is better known as Picasso’s dark-haired model and companion in the late 1930s than for her astonishing works.

Personally elusive, Maar is highly visible in Picasso’s numerous portraits of her, some velvety and tender, others depicting her in every shade of anguish as the model for the Weeping Woman series the artist produced after the Spanish Civil War. These works have stamped her as an abject muse—which to some extent she was.

Dora Maar, who became a painter under Picasso’s influence, was previously a very successful photographer of great originality and substance. Picasso, who considered photography a minor art, destroyed her career. Yet she was so much more than a victim: a vivacious intellectual, political activist, gifted visual artist, and charismatic beauty adored by the Surrealists, photographed by Man Ray, sketched by Cocteau, and an inspiration for André Breton’s gallery Gradiva on the Rue de Seine. (The “d” stood for Dora.)

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